Technical Services Group

Technical Services Team

The Technical Services Group supports the technical environment for research in the Colorado region and provides limited specialized support to both the business operations of the Colorado region and other regions in the Kaiser Permanente enterprise.

Support is provided in the following areas:

  • Hosts internal environment of computing resources in a research network domain including hardware (servers, data storage, and peripherals) and analytic and data management software
  • Develops and hosts operational and research outreach tools including Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems and SMS text messaging services for appointment and screening reminders, research data collection, health risk assessment, pharmacy refill, and satisfaction surveys. Outreach for 2016 exceeded 3 million individual contacts.
  • Custom design and maintenance of web sites for research and operational services.
  • Hosts Redcap survey tools on the web for research participant data capture.
  • Manages a SAS Enterprise for internal analytic staff project work.
  • Maintains a SQL Server DBMS which contains a wide range of assembled patient medical information used for research purposes.
  • Provides a sandbox environment for the use of very specific analytic tools and application development.