We leverage a variety of additional resources within the IHR to enhance the effectiveness of the work done by both our research scientists and the Kaiser Permanente Colorado region.

Cancer Registry

The Kaiser Permanente CO Cancer Registry (KPCCR) maintains mandated reporting of primary cancer by the CO Central Cancer Registry (CCCR) as a service to the Colorado Permanente Medical Group (CPMG) and today is reporting over 4000 newly accessioned cases of primary cancer diagnosed in our patient population.

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Office of Sponsored Projects Administration

Sponsored Projects Administration strives to provide high quality pre-award and post-award administrative support to all internally and externally sponsored projects.  The team is comprised of staff that support research throughout the entire award lifecycle.  They are responsible for ensuring compliance with all internal and external policies and procedures, regulations, and sponsor guidelines and requirements.

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Technical Services

The Technical Services Group supports the technical environment for research in the Colorado region and provides limited specialized support to both the business operations of the Colorado region and other regions in the Kaiser Permanente enterprise.

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Research Data Management

A team of data specialists with expertise in administrative source systems and patient care workflows, build and maintain a large integrated research data warehouse, as well as grant-specific data repositories. These data sources provide quick access to high-quality, research-ready data for the majority of research projects undertaken by the IHR.

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