Nearly 30 IHR staff attended the 19th Annual HMORN Conference in April in San Francisco. IHR staff contributed to 24 abstracts. The poster session abstracts can be found here.


Dr. Kelly Brownell, Director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University, visited the Institute for Health Research in December 2012. Dr. Brownell gave an inspiring presentation to a diverse group of researchers and policy makers on the field of Strategic Science. You can view the presentation slides or listen to the presentation audio.

Senior Director John Steiner was featured in the Wall Street Journal talking about managing hypertension and other chronic conditions in "Taming a Widespread Disease: New Push to Tailor Treatment."

Dr. Wendee Gozansky was interviewed by Denver's CBS 4 on the opening of the Senior ER at Exempla St. Joseph's hospital.

"We are delivering care. We are conducting research. We are helping patients prevent illness."- Marsha Raebel, PharmD featured in the Kaiser Permanente 2011 Annual Report

Health IT's Next Big Challenge: Comparative Effectiveness Research- David Magid, MD, MPH

Study find people have difficulty controlling multiple chronic conditions- Drs. Emily Schroeder, Elizabeth Bayliss, and John Steiner

Virtual consults might be a more efficient use of specialists' time than face-to-face meetings without a decline in patient satisfaction...- Dr. Ted Palen and Dr. David Price

Automated speech and text messaging reminder improved adherence in pediatric asthma- David Magid, MD, MPH

Injectable treatment for blood clots in cancer patients increase- Dr. Debra Ritzwoller in the Denver Post

Colorado parents rank second in nation for vaccine refusals- Dr. Matthew Daley in the Denver Post

Heather Spencer Feigelson, PhD, MPH video interview, New Research Finds Substantial Variability in Rate of Additional Surgery after Partial Mastectomy

Coverage of a collaborative study between the University of Colorado and KP concerning what ex-inmates think can help them stay healthy with IHR Senior Director John F. Steiner, MD, MPH and IHR Investigator Jason Glanz, PhD


Matthew Daley, MD & Jason Glanz, PhD- Straight Talk about Vaccination- in Scientific American

IHR investigator Marsha Raebel, PharmD, was interviewed for an online story in Kaiser Health News on Medication Adhearance. Click here for the article.

"The Best Medicine: Cutting Health Costs with Comparative Effectiveness Research" in Scientific Amerian with IHR Investigator, David J. Magid, MD, MPH


Ted Palen, MD, PhD, MSPH, a clinician researcher at KPCO's Institute for Health Research (IHR) authored a new study featured in the American Journal of Managed Care on the use of electronic alerts to physicians regarding blood testing in the elderly. The study has generated several positive media stories, including stories in Fast Company, Computerworld, Modern Healthcare, HealthData Management,,

Heather Spencer Feigelson, PhD, MPH of KPCO's Institute for Health Research (IHR) is featured in the Denver Business Journal in a special section on Cancer Care. The story is about personalized medicine---an approach to cancer treatment that involves tailoring treatments to an individual's specific genetic makeup. This not only has tremendous potential for improving health outcomes and influencing treatment decisions, but also ultimately reducing costs for patients, providers and employers.

KP Pediatrician and Vaccine Researcher, Dr. Matthew Daley is the lead author of the first study to look at HPV vaccination practices of U.S. physicians since the three-dose vaccine series was licensed and widely available.

National Public Radio (NPR) ran a trend story on remote monitoring and featured a KP patient who uses a "smart cuff" to monitor her blood pressure. This piece follows a great deal of recent local and national media attention to initial results from a new home blood pressure monitoring study led by Dr. David Magid of KPCO's Institute for Health Research. Please click on this link for the NPR web and audio stories.


"Is Vaccine Refusal Worth the Risk?"- Jason Glanz, PhD on National Public Radio (NPR)