People - IHR Teams

Research Administration

James Beaudry, Director of Research Administration

Administrative Assistants

Julie James, Senior Manager

The Administrative Assistants offer a wide variety of support to the IHR Leadership Team, IHR Investigators, CPMG researchers and other research support staff.  In addition to general administrative services, this team provides support for scheduling and taking minutes for department meetings; supports the Research Review Committee Chair; makes travel arrangements, maintains the research library and IHR administrative files. 

Sponsored Projects Administration

Julie James, Senior Manager

The Sponsored Projects Administrators provide full pre-award support in budget development, project initiation into iRIS, contractual arrangements and award negotiation, coordination of sub-contracts with collaborating sites, submission of proposals to KFRI and grant submission to funding agency.  Additionally, this team oversees regulatory guidance and ensures compliance with regulations as they pertain to federal and other agency requirements.

Finance Administration

Alicia Carlsen, Manager

The Finance team provides financial oversight for all research grants and contracts within the Institute for Health Research (IHR).  This oversight role includes maintaining current information and knowledge of all applicable Kaiser Permanente’s policies and procedures, local, state, and federal laws and regulations, and accreditation standards.  The Finance team assists and coordinates in the on-going and post-project financial administrative aspects required to conduct research at Kaiser Permanente. 

Human Resources Liaison

Kimberly Bischoff, Manager
The Human Resources Liaison provides assistance with understanding employee benefits for new and current staff, guidance with the hiring process, timecard processing and pay rule explanations, personnel issues, and guidance with completing documentation in MyHR.

Technical Services

Mike Bodily, Senior Manager

The Technical Services group provides support in website design, development, hosting, and support. They also provide Interactive Voice Response (IVR) development, and support, Point of View (POV)  systems deployment and support, financial systems technical support including both Finsys and iRIS configuration and user administration, IHR network segmentation construction, implementation, and support including the hardware array, accessibility, software product selection and installation, utilization planning, and backup/recovery. Segment will include SAS enterprise products, VDW and relational database hosting, VoIP based IVR development, internal collaborative and communications products, web and client/server software development environment.  Additionally, they provide telemedicine technical support including acquisition and operational integration.

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Research Operations

Ella Lyons, Director of Research Operations

Analytic Resources

Karen Glenn, Supervisor of Data Services
Dan Jaynes, Supervisor of Data Services
Jennifer Ellis, Manager, Biostatisticians

Technical Analysts/Programmers
create and implement new program applications using approved development tools and languages. They diagnose and address reported application problems; provide mentored analysis, design, programming, testing, implementation, system review, follow-up and closure to projects as well as on-going support.

Data Speciali
sts/SAS Programmers manage all aspects of data manipulation, ensuring data quality and maintaining data integrity for one or more complex studies through the use of high level SAS programming.  As part of the research team, they are responsible for providing expertise on efficient and appropriate use of data. 

Biostatisticians works under the general direction of scientist(s) or PI(s) to manage all aspects of analyses for one or more complex studies. As part of the research team, the Biostatistician is responsible for ensuring data quality, preparing the analytic plans, conducting all analyses for the study, and disseminating results to appropriate audiences.  In addition, the Biostatistician assists with IRB and grant applications and on-going problem-solving required to keep a project on track.

Health Services Research
Andrea Paolino, Manager
Heather Tavel, Manager

The HSR team provides project support on IHR studies and projects, and includes staff researchers, project managers (scientific, portfolio, project development) and coordinators, research specialists, and research assistants.

Staff Researchers, Project Managers, and Project Coordinators work in collaboration with the investigator to create study processes and develop staffing plans to meet project milestones.  Primary responsibilities include compliance with study protocol, budget and timeline; provide leadership in the administration, technical and scientific day-to-day operations of project(s) as well as lead in regional and national project meetings and conference calls.  They may serve  as a major contributor or as key personnel in making key decisions involving complex issues related to funding streams, staffing, regulations and research compliance.

Research Specialists work independently to provide research protocol or evaluation implementation in support of research or evaluation team goals.  This includes quantitative and/or qualitative data collection, coding, analysis, and reporting of research and/or evaluation outcomes.  Duties include participant enrollment, monitoring, follow-up, and intervention delivery.

Research Assistants provide a high level of support and assistance to project coordinators/managers, research specialists, research associates, and investigators in day-to-day project administration of activities including developing data collection instruments and/or manual of operations, preparing and filing reports, ordering supplies, and orienting new staff. 

Clinical Trials
Elizabeth Nugent, Senior Manager

The clinical Trials Team at KPCO focuses on treatment and intervention trials primarily in phase 2 and 3 of development.  We select trials based on the clinical needs of both providers and patients.  Additionally, we participate in trials with future diagnostic benefit to the KPCO patient population.

KPCO Tumor Registry

Kimberly Bischoff, Manager

The cancer registry team maintains the KPCO Tumor Registry.  The registry is mandated by Colorado State Statute to report all primary diagnosed cases of in situ and malignant tumors, blood and lymphatic cancers and benign brain tumors as a service to the KPCO clinicians and oncologists.  The registry data is used both for research and for quality administration particularly as it pertains to the disease prevention screening programs that have been implemented in the region, i.e. breast cancer, colorectal, cervical and prostate screening.  Regular data extracts are provided to the VDW/VTR to be used by the IHR in research studies.

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