Ella E. Lyons, MS

Director of Research Operations

Ella LyonsElla E. Lyons, MS, is the Director of Research Operations. Ms. Lyons joined the IHR in 1995. Her primary role is to oversee the Operations team in the IHR which includes analytics and project support. She also oversees the Clinical Trials team and is a member and a sponsor of several IHR committees including the Professional Development Committee and the Strategic, Targeted, Allocation of Resources (STAR) Committee. Ms. Lyons is the site Principal Investigator for the Virtual Data Warehouse and a co-Principal Investigator for the IHR Natural Language Processes (NLP) team. She is also a leader for the Data Analytics Reporting and Excellence (DARE) program for the Kaiser Permanente Colorado region. She works closely in partnership with Julie P. James, the Director Research Administration.

Ms. Lyons completed her Master of Science in Biostatistics at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health. She has participated in many formal and informal trainings in leadership including KPCO's Leadership EDGE program.