Arne L. Beck, PhD

Arne L. Beck, PhD, is the Director of Quality Improvement and Strategic Research of the Institute for Health Research. His areas of research include mental health services, geriatrics, and advancements in health care innovation. 


Mental Health Research Network: A Population Based Approach to Transform Research
The major goal of this project is to develop a Mental Health Research Network (MHRN) including nine established public-domain research centers based in integrated not-for-profit health systems, and to support development of a core infrastructure for collaborative effectiveness research in mental health and completion of 4 research projects that leverage that infrastructure in specific clinical areas.  
Funder: National Institute of Mental Health

Mental Health Disorders and Medication Adherence and Outcomes in Hypertension, Atrial Fibrillation, and Venous Thromboembolism within the CVRN
The major goal of this project is to examine the relation between three prevalent mental health disorders (depression, anxiety disorders, and ADHD), their associated therapies, and outcomes for hypertension, atrial fibrillation and venous thromboembolic disease within the NHLBI-sponsored Cardiovascular Research Network (CVRN).
Funder: National Heart Lung and Blood Institute/ National Institute of Mental Health

Increasing Access to Relapse Prophylaxis in MDD with Web-Based MBCT (eMBCT) 

The major goal of this project is to develop and test a web-based application of mindfulness based cognitive therapy for depression relapse prevention.
Funder: National Institute of Mental Health

Evaluation of Value-Based Health Plan Design

The major goal of this project is to evaluate the impact of a value based health plan design implemented in the Group Health Cooperative employee population using KPCO as a comparison site. Funder: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Evaluation of a Natural Experiment to Improve Statewide Depression Care in MN
The major goal of this project is to evaluate the effects of an impending statewide change in reimbursement for depression care combined with facilitated implementation of a depression care best practice model.
Funder: National Institutes of Health/ National Institute of Mental Health

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for the Prevention of Perinatal Depression

The major goal of this project is to compare the effectiveness of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy to usual care for women at risk for depression who are receiving prenatal care at Kaiser Permanente
Colorado (KPCO).
Funder: National Institute of Mental Health

CRN Administrative Supplement: Developing a Mental Health Data Resource
The major goal of this project is to establish the infrastructure necessary to efficiently conduct effectiveness research across the full range of mental health conditions and treatments, including all stages of the process from initial observational studies, to selection of priority research questions, to efficient conduct of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness trials, to disseminating research results and implementing effective treatments. 
Funder: National Cancer Institute

Measurement Based Care (MBC) for Depression in Primary Care: A Feasibility Trial of a Guideline Implementation Su
pport Package to Implement MBC
This project tests the feasibility of implementing tools developed in the STAR*D trial for start up, dissemination, and sustainability of depression population management models in a group practice setting.
Funder: Kaiser Permanente Colorado

Advanced eHealth for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Colorado
The goal of this project is to implement a telephone-dependent, internet-supported, self-monitoring “eHealth” management system for stage 3 and 4 COPD patients in order to 1) improve the management of COPD based upon current national guidelines, 2) improve quality of life and 3) reduce health care costs.
Funder: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

High Performance Well Child Care
The goal of this project is to develop a comprehensive plan for redesigning well child care at Kaiser Permanente Colorado that can be broadly disseminated in a variety of health care settings. Pediatric risk will be identified based on utilization and cost data and expert opinion, and various innovative care delivery models (including different periodicity) matched to risk will be proposed for implementation following the planning process. These include e-visits, group visits, care management for high risk infants, and internet-based pre-visit surveys of parent needs.
Funder: Commonwealth Fund

Outreach and Treatment for Depression in the Labor Force

This project will involve an effectiveness trial to evaluate the impact of depression outreach-treatment of work-related behaviors. Samples of employees will be screened with health risk appraisal surveys, treatment will be provided by behavioral health specialists, and primary outcomes will include sickness absence, job-related accidents, quantity and quality of work, interpersonal relations at work, and job turnover.
Funder: National Institute of Mental Health

Marketing Improved Depression Treatment to Employer Purchasers
The goal of this project is to translate recent research findings about the economic value of high quality depression treatment into the design and test marketing of a benefit option that employers can purchase.
Funder: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

The Kaiser Permanente Depression Initiative

The major goals of this project are to fund 10 to 15 research projects that evaluate models of depression care in Kaiser Permanente and to broadly disseminate into practice settings those models that demonstrate success.
Funder: Kaiser Permanente Garfield Memorial Fund / Eli Lilly & Co

Screening and Treatment of Depression and Anxiety in Patients with Congestive Heart Failure
The major goal of this project is to assess the effectiveness of nurse telehealth in improving depression and anxiety symptoms and CHF-related outcomes in CHF patients.
Funder: Kaiser Permanente Garfield Memorial Fund


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