Ingrid Binswanger, MD, MPH, MS

Dr. Binswanger’s research focuses on how to reduce the medical complications of substance use, such as overdose and HIV. Her research team is working to develop innovative and patient-centered ways to prevent adverse events from opioid use. She also conducts research to reduce the morbidity and mortality of people who have criminal justice involvement.

1R34DA035952-01 Binswanger (PI) 2013-2016
 “Overdose Risk Assessment, Counseling and Naloxone Prescription in Health Care”
This study will develop a feasible, information-technology supported prescription opioid overdose prevention intervention for use in large health care systems.
Role: PI

3 R34 DA035952-02S1 Binswanger (PI) 2014-2015
Supplement to “Overdose Risk Assessment, Counseling and Naloxone Prescription in Health Care”
The goal of this supplement is to develop a clinical prediction model which provides an overdose risk score for clinicians to use in decision-making about naloxone and develop an “app” to make the predictive models useable by medical providers.
Role: PI

1R01HD079467 Morenoff (PI) 2014-2017
“The Consequences of Sanctions for Mortality in Socially Marginalized Populations”
This study examines the effect of incarceration on health and health disparities by using a pair of quasi-experimental studies in a statewide longitudinal cohort to examine the effect of incarceration on mortality.
Role: Co-I

2011-BJ-CX-K073 Binswanger (PI) 2011-2015
“Longitudinal Approach to Examining Deaths in Correctional Facilities”
Bureau of Justice Statistics Visiting Fellowship, U.S. Department of Justice
This is a visiting fellowship with the Bureau of Justice Statistics to examine mortality among prisoners in the United States and develop a framework for future data collections on health in correctional populations.
Role: PI

1R24 HS 22143-01 Havranek (PI) 2013-2018      
“Developing Infrastructure for Patient-Centered Outcomes Research at Denver Health”
The theme of the proposed Center directly addresses two national priorities for patient-centered outcomes research: addressing disparities and improving healthcare systems. All 3 projects target the "healthcare required to achieve best outcomes" among socioeconomically disadvantaged groups, including racial and ethnic minorities. Designs effective in a safety net can inform high-value design in other systems.
Role: Co-Investigator/Director of PCOR Scholars Program

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