Jason Glanz, PhD

Jason Glanz, PhD, is an epidemiologist and investigator at the Institute for Health Research. He is also an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology in the Department of Epidemiology, Colorado School of Public Health. Dr. Glanz’s research focuses on vaccine safety and vaccine hesitancy. He is currently a co-principal investigator for the Vaccine Safety Datalink, a national CDC-funded project that examines the safety of vaccines and also leads research efforts to develop risk communication tools to reduce parental vaccination concerns. 


A Randomized Intervention Trial of a Vaccine Social Media Website
The objective is to conduct a randomized trial to evaluate the effectiveness of using social media technologies to improve immunization rates among parents who are concerned about vaccinating their children.
Funder: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Vaccine Safety Datalink: Comprehensive Link Data Collection of Medical Events and Immunization

To investigate the safety of vaccines in children and adults in a large national cohort.
Funder: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/ America's Health Insurance Plans

Scalable PArtnering Network for CER: Across Lifespan, Conditions and Settings

The objective is to develop a distributed research network that is interoperable across a range of health care systems and sites, incorporating large and diverse patient populations.  The network infrastructure will have the capability to conduct large comparative effectiveness research (CER) studies using data collected on patient-reported outcomes collected at the point of care and real-time data collection.
Funder: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality


Vaccine Refusal: Clinical Impact and Parental Attitudes

The objective is assess the disease risks associated with parental vaccine refusal and to assess the knowledge, attitudes and beliefs of parents who choose not to vaccinate their children
Funder: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease

An Evaluation of an Interactive Social Media Website for Parents who are Concerned about Immunizing Their Children

Conduct a formative and summative evaluation of a social media website design to allay parents concerns about vaccinations, and to use the data collected in the evaluation to design a large, randomized intervention trial to evaluate the efficacy of the website in ambulatory care setting
Funder: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Population Based Data to Answer Questions of Public Health Importance Regarding Biological Products/Immune Thrombocytopenia Pupura After Live Virus and Influenza Vaccines

The major goal is to provide rapid evaluation of adverse events, including rare and serious events, after vaccine administration, blood or tissue administration/transplantation near real time.
Funder: United States Food and Drug Administration Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research

Population Based Surveillance for Influenza

Monitor influenza activity across 8 Managed Care Organizations across the United States.
Funder: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/ America's Health Insurance Plans

Immune Thrombocytopenia Pupura After Live Virus and Influenza Vaccines

Funder: United States Food and Drug Administration Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research


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Book Chapters
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