Wendee Gozansky, MD, MPH

Clinician Investigator

Joined IHR: 20xx

Wendee GozanskyWendee Gozansky, MD, MPH, is a clinician investigator at the Institute for Health Research as well as an Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of Geriatrics at the University of Colorado Denver. Her research interests centered on improving the health of older adults are a natural extension of her work as an internist/geriatrician with the Kaiser Continuing Care Department. Her primary research focus on fracture prevention is exploring how to optimize use of bone mineral density testing, prevent falls, and improve adherence with drug therapy for osteoporosis.

Selected Research

  • Kaiser Permanente National Research Bank

    The KP National Research Bank is a collaboration across all Kaiser regions nationally funded by Kaiser Foundation Health Plan.? The goal of the KP National Research Bank is to collect blood samples from 500,000 adult KP members and utilize them, combined with survey data and medical information to create a state of the art resource for genetic and health services research.
    Funder:?Kaiser Foundation Health Plan?

  • PROSPR Statistical Coordinating Center (PSCC)
    The goal of the PROSPR Statistical Coordinating Center (PPSCC) is to coordinate the research of PROSPR Research Centers (PRCs) to achieve PROSPR?s mission of evaluating and improving the cancer screening process (recruitment, screening, diagnosis, and referral for treatment).
    Funder: National Institute of Health

  • The Association Between Molecular Markers in Colorectal Sessile Serrated Polyps and Colorectal Cancer Risk
    This project proposes to identify biomarkers in sessile serrated polyps that are associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancer.? These biomarkers may later be used to guide colorectal cancer surveillance recommendations or included in stool-based DNA panels to improve the effectiveness of stool-based colorectal cancer screening tests.
    Funder:?Department of Defense