Ted E. Palen, PhD, MD, MSPH, FACP

Dr. Palen is a practicing internist with the Colorado Permanente Medical Group and a physician investigator in the Institute for Healthcare Research. He is interested in clinical informatics and virtual care, with an emphasis on understanding the flow of data from the point-of-care to its collection and use in research, chronic disease management, and quality of patient care.




TRADEMaRQ: The purpose of the TRADEMaRQ study is to make quality reporting a byproduct of ambulatory care and ongoing quality improvement. It has three aims: 1) To test the capacity for exchange of whole-panel, family physician quality measures from clinical networks; 2) To study whether viewing quality measures and comparison to peers will affect the types of self-assessment modules and quality improvement efforts that are chosen by family physicians; 3) To study whether viewing quality measures and comparison to peers will influence the degree of change in outcomes after quality improvement efforts.
Funding by American Board of Family Medicine and Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Virtual Care Implementation and Evaluation, is a multi-regional collaborative effort that partners with regional operations and research leaders to addressing the questions around virtual care including:

  • Secure Email patient/clinician messaging
  • e-Visits/Telephone Visits
  • Video Visits
  • Virtual care benefit structure
  • Virtual care effect on utilization

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