Marsha A. Raebel, PharmD, BCPS, FCCP

Marsha A. Raebel, PharmD, BCPS, FCCP, is an investigator in Pharmacotherapy at the Institute for Health Research. Dr. Raebel's research is in patient safety and pharmacoepidemiology, specifically focusing on reducing medication and laboratory monitoring errors in the outpatient setting and on adverse drug event surveillance. She is the coordinating investigator across Kaiser Permanente for the FDA Mini-Sentinel initiative, is a collaborating investigator in the Health Care Research Network (HCSRN), Center for Education and Research in Therapeutics (CERTs), and an investigator in the FDA-sponsored Medication Exposure in Pregnancy Risk Evaluation Program (MEPREP).


Efforts to Develop the Sentinel Initiative
The Sentinel System will be a national electronic active surveillance system that greatly enhances the ability of the FDA to track the safety of FDA-regulated drugs, biologics, and medical devices. The pilot program, known as Mini-Sentinel, is the Agency’s first step towards building this nationwide rapid-response electronic safety surveillance system.
Funder: United States Food and Drug Administration

Multi-Institutional Consortium for CER in Diabetes Treatment and Prevention (PROSPECT; SUPREME-DM)
In this “next-generation” multi-system registry we are proposing, it is intended to serve     as a resource for a wide range of CER on both individual therapies and system-level interventions, and specifically to support examination of heterogeneity in effectiveness across patient subgroups defined by race/ethnicity, age, co-morbidities, or psychosocial variables, and across systems.
Funder: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Mini-Sentinel: Analytic Methods for Using Laboratory Test Results in Active Database Surveillance
The objective of this project is to select and test statistical methods appropriate for use when analyzing cross-sectional and longitudinal observational healthcare administrative, claims, and clinical data, with specific attention to clinical laboratory test results data when missing data are expected.

Mini-Sentinel: SUPREME DM & M-S Data Linkage
The purpose of this project to validate diagnostic algorithms for Type1 and Type 1 diabetes mellitus in the Mini-Sentinel Distributed Database using the SUrveillance, PREvention, and ManagEment of Diabetes Mellitus (SUPREME-DM) DataLink as the alternative reference standard.
Funder: United States Food and Drug Administration

RFTOP Opioids and Neural Tube Defects Using Data from the Medication Exposure in Pregnancy Risk Evaluation Program
The overall objective of this project is to evaluate the feasibility of conducting a retrospective cohort study of the association between opioid use during pregnancy and neural tube defects using the MEPREP database.
Funder: United States Food and Drug Administration

Privacy-Preserving Analytic and Stat-Sharing Methods for Clinical and Patient-Powered data Networks
The project will 1) increase the understanding and utility of privacy-preserving methods in multi-center patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) studies, 2) Develop a suite of flexible analytic and data-sharing methods to handle a wide range of stakeholder needs, preferences, and priorities in multi-center PCOR studies, and 3) Improve the efficiency of multi-site PCOR studies by reducing barriers to data sharing.
Funder: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)

Long-term Use of Antihypertensive Agents and Breast Cancer Risk
There are important clinical and public health implications if the hypothesis that long-term calcium channel blocker (CCB) use increases the risk of breast cancer is confirmed. Nationally, CCBs were the ninth most commonly prescribed class of drugs in 2009, and breast cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer location and second leading cause of cancer death among women. This study will employ an observational design to address the question of long-term use of five different classes of antihypertensive medications and incident breast cancer.
Funder: KP Program Office

Associations between Hyperuricemia and Cardiovascular and Renal Outcomes among Patients with Diagnosed Gout
In this project we will determine t distribution of serum uric acid result values in a population of patients with diagnosed gout, assess independent associations of hyperuricemia and risk of selected cardiovascular outcomes, incident chronic kidney disease, and all-cause mortality, and assess the association between sUA and total medical care costs.
Funder: Pharmaceutical Industry

The Safety and Effectiveness of Diabetes Quality Metrics in Elderly Patients
In a cohort of older patients with diabetes, we will examine the impact of advanced age and specific comorbidities on adherence to cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factor medications, compare the effectiveness of meeting specified targets for CVD risk factor medication adherence of differing intensities of medication usage on achieving CVD risk factor control and the occurrence of adverse events, hospitalizations, and emergency department visits, and disseminate the findings of these analyses among a wide range of clinical, operational, and policy stakeholders in an effort to improve quality metrics and clinical care for these patients.
Funder: National Institute on Aging (NIA)

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