Research Operations

The IHR Operations team plays a major role in providing top quality data and support to the research studies being perfomed within the IHR. .

  • Share and implement best practices
  • Realize work place efficiencies
  • Align both teams to achieve inter- and intra-team equity; increase transparency
  • Develop training and other development opportunities for both team; cross training whenever possible and feasible
  • Create a larger knowledge pool
  • More efficient staff resourcing for projects
  • Develop, enhance, and refine career ladders
  • Share and implement Operations Team strategic goals
  • Marisa Allen
    Marisa Allen, PhD
    Project Manager- Evaluation
  • Jenn Barrow
    Jenn Barrow, MSPH
    Project Manager III
  • Ruth Bedoy
    Ruth Bedoy
    Senior Professional Research Assistant
  • Brooke Bender
    Brooke Bender, MPH
    Project Manager II- Evaluation