Elizabeth BaylissTed E. Palen, PhD, MD, MSPH

Ted E. Palen, PhD, MD, MSPH is a clinical investigator and practicing internist. He is interested in clinical informatics with an emphasis on understanding the flow of data from the point-of-care to its collection and use in research, chronic disease management, and quality of patient care.


Institute for Health Research
10065 E. Harvard Ave Suite 300
Denver, CO 80231
ted.e.palen @ kp.org



Guide to Identifying and Remediating Unintended Consequences of Implementing Health IT Subcontracted to RAND
Role: Principal Investigator
Funder: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality


Using Telemedicine in Underserved Communities This is a proposal to conduct a proof-of-concept and a pilot study that will evaluate how the use of telemedicine technology may be used to improve the quality, safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of health care in ambulatory settings and that support transitions in and between ambulatory settings. Since KPCO is expanding to other areas of the Colorado, using telemedicine to offer specialty consultations might be considered as a strategy to provide members with a convenient way to access high quality specialty care.
Role: Principal Investigator
Funded by: Kaiser Permanente Coloradao Regional Initiatives Fund
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