Publications 2015

2015 IHR Master Publications

epub ahead of print (2014)

Almeida FA, Smith-Ray RL, Dzewaltowski DA, Glasgow RE, Lee RE, Thomas D, Xu S, Estabrooks PA. Randomized controlled trial of an interactive computer session to initiate physical activity in sedentary cardiac patients. J Med Internet Res 2014;[epub ahead of research]

Lafata JE, Salloum RG, Fishman PA, Ritzwoller DP, O'Keeffe-Rosetti MC, Hornbrook MC. Preventive care receipt and office visit use among breast and colorectal cancer survivors relative to age- and gender-matched cancer-free controls. J Cancer Surviv 2014;Sept. 25 [epub ahead of print].  PM:25252623.

Shoup JA, Wagner NM, Kraus CR, Narwaney KJ, Goddard KS, Glanz JM. Development of an Interactive Social Media Tool for Parents With Concerns About Vaccines. Health Educ Behav 2014;Nov 19([epub ahead of print].  PM:2541337.

In Press Manuscripts:

Bayliss EA, Ellis JL, Shoup JA, Zeng C, McQuillian DB, Steiner JF. Effect of continuity of care on hospital use for seniors with multiple medical conditions in an integrated health care system. Ann Fam Med (In press).

Dimidjian S, Goodman SH, Felder J, Beck A, Gallop R, Brown A, Boggs J. Prevention of perinatal depressive relapse/recurrence/recurrence by mindfulness based cognitive therapy: an open trial and quasi-experimental investigation. Arch Womens Ment Health (In press).

Kolasinski VA, Price DW. A non-experimental retrospective analysis of a maintenance of certification part IV quality improvement project for effectiveness on blood pressure control for patients with hypertension. Permanente J (In press).

Polsky S, Donahoo WT, Lyons EE, Funk KL, Elliott TE, Williams R, Arterburn D,
Portz JD, Bayliss EA. An evaluation of care management intensity and bariatric surgical weight loss.  Am J Manag Care (In press).

Schmittdiel JA, Raebel MA, Dyer W, Steiner JF, Karter AJ, Nichols GA.  The Medicare Star Adherence Measure excludes patients with poor diabetes risk factor control.  Am J Manag Care (In press).

Schmittdiel JA, Nichols GA, Dyer W, Steiner JF, Karter AJ, Raebel MA.  Health care system-level approaches to improving performance on Medicare STAR adherence metrics.  Med Care (in press).

Shoup JA, Madrid C, Koehler C, Lamb CA, Ellis JL, Ritzwoller DP, Daley MF.  Effectiveness and cost of different influenza vaccination reminder strategies.  Am J Manag Care (In press).

Simon GE, Rossom RC, Beck A, Waitzfelder BE, Coleman KJ, Stewart C, Operskalski B, Penfold RB. Antidepressants are not over-prescribed for mild depression. J Clin Psychiatry (In press).

Benitez GV, Desai JR, Xu S, Goodrich GK, Schroeder EB, Nichols GA, Segal J, Kimes TM, Butler MG, Karter AJ, Steiner JF, Newton KM, Morales LM, Pathak RD, Thomas A, Reynolds K, Kirchner HL, Waitzfelder B, Elston Lafata J, Adibhatla R, Xu Z, O’Connor PJ. Preventable major cardiovascular events associated with uncontrolled glucose, blood pressure, lipids and active smoking in adults with diabetes with and without cardiovascular disease: a contemporary analysis. Diabetes Care (in press).

Published / epub ahead of print

Abrams JY, Weintraub ES, Baggs JM, McCarthy NL, Schonberger LB, Lee GM, Klein NP, Belongia EA, Jackson ML, Naleway AL, Nordin JD, Hambidge SJ, Belay ED. Childhood vaccines and Kawasaki disease, Vaccine Safety Datalink, 1996-2006. Vaccine 2015;33(2):382-387.  PM:25444786.

Ahmedani BK, Solberg LI, Copeland LA, Fang-Hollingsworth Y, Stewart C, Hu J, Nerenz DR, Williams LK, Cassidy-Bushrow AE, Waxmonsky J, Lu CY, Waitzfelder BE, Owen-Smith AA, Coleman KJ, Lynch FL, Ahmed AT, Beck A, Rossom RC, Simon GE. Psychiatric Comorbidity and 30-Day Readmissions After Hospitalization for Heart Failure, AMI, and Pneumonia. Psychiatr Serv 2015;66(2):134-140.  PM:25642610.

Bender BG, Cvietusa PJ, Goodrich GK, Lowe R, Nuanes HA, Rand C, Shetterly S, Tacina C, Vollmer WM, Wagner N, Wamboldt FS, Xu S, Magid DJ. A pragmatic controlled trial of healthcare technologies to improve adherence to pediatric asthma treatment. JAMA Pediatrics 2015;Feb 9 [epub ahead of print].
Feigelson HS, Carroll NM, Weinmann S, Haque R, Yu CL, Butler MG, Waitzfelder B, Wrenn MG, Capra A, McGlynn EA, Habel LA. Treatment patterns for ductal carcinoma in situ from 2000-2010 across six integrated health plans. Springerplus 2015;4:24.  PM:25625043.

Klein NP, Lewis E, Fireman B, Hambidge SJ, Naleway A, Nelson JC, Belongia EA, Yih WK, Nordin JD, Hechter RC, Weintraub E, Baxter R. Safety of Measles-Containing Vaccines in 1-Year-Old Children. Pediatrics 2015.  PM:25560438.

Kulchak Rahm A, Hawkins RP, Dearing JW, Pingree S, Lomax JB, McDowell H,
Ferro Morse E, Barela B. Implementing an evidence-based breast cancer support and communication tool to newly diagnosed patients as standard care in two institutions. Transl Behav Med 2015;27 January [epub ahead of print].

Maring B, Greenspan LC, Chandra M, Daniels SR, Sinaiko A, Prineas RJ, Parker ED, Adams KF, Daley MF, Sherwood NE, Kharbanda EO, Margolis KL, Magid DJ, O'Connor PJ, Lo JC. Comparing US paediatric and adult weight classification at the transition from late teenage to young adulthood. Pediatr Obes 2015.  PM:25612172.

Nichols GA, Schroeder EB, Karter AJ, Gregg EW, Desai J, Lawrence JM, O'Connor PJ, Xu S, Newton KM, Raebel MA, Pathak RD, Waitzfelder B, Segal J, Lafata JE, Butler MG, Kirchner HL, Thomas A, Steiner JF. Trends in Diabetes Incidence Among 7 Million Insured Adults, 2006-2011: The SUPREME-DM Project. Am J Epidemiol 2015;Jan 1;181(1):32-39.  PM:25515167.