Publications 2014

Publications – February 2014:

In Press:

Ahmedani BK, Simon GE, Stewart C, Beck A, Waitzfelder BE, Rossom R, Lynch F, Owen-Smith A, Hunkeler EM, Whiteside U, Operskalski BH, Coffey MJ, Solberg LI. Health Care Contacts in The Year before Suicide Death. JGIM (In press).

Beck A, Crain AL, Solberg L, Unutzer J, Maciosek MV, Whitebird RR, Rossom RC. The Effect of Depression Treatment on Work Productivity.  Am J Manag Care (In press).

Blair IV, Steiner JF, Hanratty R, Price DW, Fairclough DL, Daugherty SL, Bronsert M, Magid DJ, Havranek EP.  An Investigation of Associations between Clinicians’ Ethnic or Racial Bias and Hypertention Treatment, Medication Adherence and Blood Pressure Control. J Gen Int Med (In press).

Dickman Portz J, Retrum JH, Wright LA, Boggs JM, Wilkins S, Grimm C, Gilchrist K, Gozansky WS.  Assessing Capacity for Providing Culturally Competent Services to LGBT Older Adults.  J Gerontol Soc Work (In press).

Hazlehurst BL, Lawrence JM, Donahoo WT, Sherwood NE, Kurtz SE, Xu S, Steiner JF. Automated Assessment of Lifestyle Counseling in Electronic Health Records.  Am J Prev Med (In press).

Loggers ET, Fishman PA, Peterson D, O’Keeffe-Rosetti MC,  Hornbrook MC, Kushi L, Lowrey S, Wagner EH, Weeks JC, Ritzwoller DP.  Advanced Imaging among Health Maintenance Organization Enrollees with Cancer.  J Onc Pract  (In press).

Maciejewski M and Bayliss EA. Approaches to Comparative Effectiveness Research in Multimorbid Populations. Med Care (In press).

Roblin D, Ritzwoller DP, Reese D, Carroll NM, Ping A, Daley M. The Influence of Deductible Health Plans on Receipt of the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Series. J Adolesc Health (In press).

Schroeder EB, Bayliss EA, Daugherty SL, Steiner JF. Gender Differences in Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Incident Diabetes. Women's Health Issues (In press).

Simon GE, Stewart C, Beck A, Ahmedani B, Whitebird R. How Common are Antidepressant Prescriptions without Mental Health Diagnosis? Psych Serv (In press).

Solberg LI, Crain LA, Rubenstein L, Unützer J, Whitebird RR, Beck A.  How Much Shared Decision Making Occurs in Usual Primary Care of Depression?  J Am Board Fam Med (In press).

Vaz LE, Kleinman KP, Raebel MA, Nordin JD, Lakoma MD, Dutta-Linn MM, Finkelstein JA. Recent Trends in Outpatient Antibiotic Use in Children. Pediatrics (In press).

Zeng C, Ellis JL, Steiner JF, Shoup J, McQuillan DB, Bayliss EA.  Assessment of Morbidity over Time in Predicting Health Outcomes.  Med Care (In press).

Book Chapters - 2014

Published - 2014
McClure DL, Raebel MA, Yih WK, Shoaibi A, Mullersman JE, Anderson-Smits C, Glanz JM. Mini-Sentinel methods: framework for assessment of positive results from signal refinement. Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf 2014;23(1):3-8.  PM:24395545.

Xu S, Newcomer S, Nelson J, Qian L, McClure D, Pan Y, Zeng C, Glanz J. Signal detection of adverse events with imperfect confirmation rates in vaccine safety studies using self-controlled case series design. Biom J 2014;Jan 9 [epub ahead of print].  PM:24402780.

Zittleman L, Wright L, Barrientos Ortiz C, Fleming C, Loudhawk-Hedgepeth C, Marshall J, Ramirez L, Wheeler M, Westfall JM. Colorado Immersion Training in Community Engagement:  Because You Can't Study What You Don't Know. Progress in Community Health Partnerships 2014;March; 8:1 [epub ahead of print]