Our Research Staff

Kathleen Albers Kathleen Albers, MPH Research Data Specialist / SAS Programmer Sr

Courtney Anderson Courtney Anderson, MPH Research Specialist I

Jenna Ausiello Jenna Ausiello, MPA Senior Professional Research Assistant

Megan Baldwin, BS Research Project Manager I
REDCap Administrator
Jenn Barrow Jenn Barrow, MSPH Research Project Manager III

Ruth Bedoy Ruth Bedoy, BS Research Specialist I

Ann Blakeslee Ann Blakeslee, BS, MDiv Research Data Specialist-SAS Programmer Sr

Erica Blum-Barnett Erica Blum-Barnett, MSPH Research Project Manager II

Jennifer Boggs Jennifer Boggs, PhD, MSW Research Post-Doctoral Fellow

Patty Bourie Patty Bourie, RN, ND, MS, CCRP Research Specialist III- Clinical Trials

Chris Boyd Chris Boyd, BS Research ColdFusion Developer-Admin Senior

Kristi Bronkan Kristi Bronkan, PharmD, BCPS Senior Manager of Clinical Trials

Cassandra Bryant Cassandra Bryant, BS Sr Professional Research Assistant- Clinical Trials

Kate Burniece Kate Burniece, BS Research Specialist II

Nikki Carroll Nikki Carroll, MS Research Biostatistician III

Cassandra Catlett Cassandra Catlett Clinical Trials Regulatory Administrator

Christina Clarke Christina Clarke, MS Research Biostatistician II

Morgan Clennin Morgan Clennin, PhD Research Post-Doctoral Fellow, Evaluation

Angela Comer Angela Comer, MPH Research Data Specialist/SAS Programmer II

Sharma Cummings Sharma Cummings Administrative Assistant III

Blythe Dollar photo Blythe Dollar, MPH Senior Professional Research Assistant

Melanie Drace Melanie Drace, MPH Manager of Research Operations

Ann Drobny Ann Drobny, BS, CCRP Research Specialist II- Clinical Trials

Jenn Ellis Jenn Ellis, MBA, MSPH Senior Manager of Research Operations

Stephanie Enriquez Stephanie Enriquez Research Finance Admin

Alex Erkenbeck Alex Erkenbeck, MPH Research Specialist II- Evaluation

Morgan Ford Morgan Ford, MS Research Project Manager II

Kathy Seggerson Gleason Kathy Seggerson Gleason, PhD Research Specialist II

Karen Glenn Karen Glenn, BS Manager of Research Operations

Stephanie Goldcamp Stephanie Goldcamp, BA Manager of Research Sponsored Projects Administration and Administrative Support

Glenn Goodrich Glenn Goodrich, MS Research Biostatistician II

Yvonne Graves Yvonne Graves Administrative Assistant III

Mark Gray Mark Gray, BS Research Data Specialist-SAS Programmer Sr

John Hamill John Hamill, MS Manager of Research Finance

Bill Harding Bill Harding, BS Research Data Specialist-SAS Programmer II

Denise Hartsock Denise Hartsock, MPH Research Project Manager II – Evaluation

Judy Hayes Judy Hayes, BS Senior Research Sponsored Projects Admin

Janet Hildebrandt Janet Hildebrandt, MA Research Finance Admin

Brian Hixon Brian Hixon, MPH Research Data Specialist/SAS Programmer I

Dan Jaynes Dan Jaynes, MBA, MSHA Manager of Research Operations

Andy Jessen Andy Jessen, MS Research Data Specialist -SAS Programmer II

Rebecca Johnson Rebecca Johnson, BS Regulatory Senior Professional Research Assistant

Tina Kimpo Tina Kimpo, BA Research Specialist I
Kelly Knight Kelly Knight, MS Sr Research Finance Admin

Courtney Kraus Courtney Kraus, MSPH Research Specialist III

Sally Lammers Sally Lammers, CTR Certified Tumor Registrar

Jonah Langer Jonah Langer, BA Research System Developer, Sr

Kristin Lu Kristin Lu, CTR Certified Tumor Registrar

Jason Lyons Jason Lyons, MA Research Data Specialist II/SAS Programmer

Mahesh Maiyani Mahesh Maiyani, MBA Research Data Specialist/SAS Programmer II

Allen Malone Allen Malone, BS Research Data Specialist-SAS Programmer Sr

Allison Maytag Allison Maytag, MPH Research Specialist I

Jennifer McCance Jennifer McCance, BA, CCRP Research Specialist- II Clinical Trials

Tobie McPhail Tobie McPhail, MA Research Project Manager II

Erica Morse Erica Morse, MA Research Project Manager III- Evaluation

Shane Mueller Shane Mueller, PhD, MSW Research Project Manager II

Komal Narwaney Komal Narwaney, MD, PhD Research Biostatistician III

Anh Nguyen Anh Nguyen, PhD Research Post-Doctoral Fellow

Lindsay Nichols Lindsay Nichols, MPH Senior Professional Research Assistant

Michelle R Odelberg Michelle R Odelberg, MPH Senior Professional Research Assistant

Andrea Paolino Andrea Paolino, MA Senior Manager of Research Operations

Valerie Paolino Valerie Paolino, BA Research Specialist I

Shayla Perkins Shayla Perkins, BS Research Specialist I - Evaluation

Mabel Peters Mabel Peters, BS, CCRP Research Specialist III- Clinical Trials

Lisa Pieper Lisa Pieper, MSHA, MBA Research Project Manager III

Angela Plata Angela Plata, MS Research Specialist II

J David Powers J David Powers, MS Research Biostatistician II

LeeAnn Quintana LeeAnn Quintana, MSW Research Project Manager III

Alle R Alle R, PhD, CCRC, CAPM Research Operations Specialist II

Liza Reifler Liza Reifler, MPH Research Biostatistician III

Megan Rogers Megan Rogers, LCSW Clinical Research Study Support

Colleen Ross Colleen Ross, MSPH Research Biostatistician III

Artie Runkle Artie Runkle, MPH Research Data Specialist-SAS Programmer II

Sharisse Sanders Sharisse Sanders, BS Research Sponsored Projects Admin

Jennifer Sawyer Jennifer Sawyer, BA Research Specialist I

Shauna Scott Shauna Scott, MPH, CHES Research Project Manager II

Susan Shetterly Susan Shetterly, MS Research Biostatistician Senior

Jo Ann Shoup Jo Ann Shoup, PhD, MS Research Project Manager IV

Woman Andrea Spaulding, CTR Certified Tumor Registrar

Stormy Staley Stormy Staley, BA Research Sponsored Projects Admin

David Steffan David Steffan, MPH Research System Developer, Senior

Julie Steiner Julie Steiner, MA Research Project Manager III

Kristina Stermer Kristina Stermer, MS Research Specialist II-Clinical Trials

Andy Sterrett Andy Sterrett, PhD Research Data Specialist-SAS Programmer Senior

Tregia Stewart Tregia Stewart, BS Administrative Assistant III

Heather Tavel Heather Tavel, MPH Manager of Research Operations

Brooke Thompson Brooke Thompson, MPH Research Project Manager III

Marj Troxell Marj Troxell, CTR Certified Tumor Registrar

Michelle Turner Michelle Turner, MPH Research Sponsored Programs Admin

Kris Wain Kris Wain, BS Research Data Specialist-SAS Programmer Sr

Mary Watson Mary Watson, BA Clinical Trials Finance Admin

Larissa White image Larissa White, MPH, PhD Research Post-Doctoral Fellow

Amié Williams Amié Williams, BA Research Specialist I

Michelle Wrenn Michelle Wrenn, MA Research Project Manager III

Leslie Wright Leslie Wright, MA Research Project Manager III

Chan Zeng Chan Zeng, PhD Research Biostatistician Senior