Clinical Trials Program

Conducting clinical trials since 1998, we provide the support and infrastructure for Kaiser Permanente Colorado (KPCO) physician investigators, sponsors, and local research partners. Our team is specifically trained and certified in the conduct of clinical trials.

Our Vision is to provide access to high-quality clinical trials that advance science and provide Kaiser Permanente members cutting edge therapies and innovations in a safe and healthy environment.

Industry Sponsored Trials
Phase IB - IV trials funded by drug or device companies testing an investigational product, or post-licensure safety and efficacy study of an already approved product.

Single Patient Use/Compassionate Use/Expanded Access
Use of an unavailable or unapproved drug or device for treatment of a seriously ill patient without other treatment options.

KPCO Investigator Trials (PDF)
Trials where a KPCO investigator acquires funding and directs as Principal Investigator.

Clinical Trials Leadership

Kristi Bronkan Kristi Bronkan, PharmD, BCPS Senior Manager of Clinical Trials
José Parra González José Parra González, BSc, CCRP Clinical Trials Operations Manager

How to work with the Clinical Trials Program

How to become an investigator:

KPCO Physicians are our Principal Investigators.
  • Is there a company you would like to work with?
  • Is there a product you want to make available to your patients?
  • Is there a specific research question you would like to answer?
Here's what you need to know: Here's what you need to do: Here's what the Clinical Trials Team does for the investigator:

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Clinical trials can be an important part of your care.

They aim to find new ways to provide treatments, make diagnoses, manage or prevent disease. Participation is voluntary and each person decides if a clinical trial is right for them.

Clinical Trials Overview

How does a patient get involved?
  • You may be approached by Kaiser Permanente staff or physician to see if you are interested in participating in a clinical trial.
  • You may hear about a trial you are interested in. Ask your doctor if the clinical trial is available at Kaiser Permanente and if the trial is right for you.

Are you a sponsor that would like to work with Kaiser Permanente Colorado?

We work with many pharmaceutical and device companies. Our Clinical Trials Team can support all aspects of Phase IB - IV trials.

Please review Sponsor Requirements (PDF)

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Are you a researcher that would like to work with the Kaiser Permanente Colorado Clinical Trials Team?

We have many research partnerships and collaborations.

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