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IHR’s Automated Communication Technology (ACT) Team Plays Key Role in KPCO COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the IHR’s Automated Communications Technology (ACT) Team is playing a key role in addressing new operational challenges in testing and vaccine delivery.  The team’s five members, Ann Blakeslee, Chris Boyd, David Steffen, Jonah Langer, and Kate Burniece with leadership by Julie James, supply fast and innovative communication solutions for our KPCO members and the Colorado community. 

Earlier this fall, the ACT team partnered with the Centralized Results Management (CRM) Team to create an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) outreach that helps manage the volume of results for COVID-19 negative and low-risk positive members. 

Additionally, the team created a system where KPCO members can call an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) line and complete a questionnaire that will place them on a virtual wait list for the COVID-19 vaccine. When added to the waitlist via the IVR phone line, members get an automatic registration confirmation. The ACT Team also developed features that give KPCO members and non-members the ability to check their phase and place in the virtual waitlist using this same IVR line and schedule a vaccine appointment. These processes allow KPCO to distribute the state’s limited vaccine supplies fairly and efficiently according to state guidelines. 

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IHR Vaccine Researchers Receive CDC Funding for COVID-19 Studies

IHR vaccine researchers, Dr. Matthew F. Daley, MD and Dr. Jason Glanz, PhD, received new funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) COVID-19 studies. The VSD is a joint project between the CDC, and eight health organizations across the country that monitors and evaluates the safety and effectiveness of vaccines approved for public use. The new funding will create opportunities to learn more about COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccines through studies that look at:   

  • the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines
  • changes in healthcare use during the COVID-19 pandemic
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Dr. Daley and Dr. Glanz are also collaborating on a VSD COVID-19 survey study in partnership with Denver Health’s scientific lead, Dr. Joshua Williams, MD. This study seeks to understand what adults know, feel, and think about COVID-19 vaccines and focuses on gathering this information from people of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. Our IHR vaccine researchers will provide their expertise in study methods and data analysis and the Denver Health Team will create, send, and analyze the survey data.

KPCO Thrive Interviews IHR Vaccine Researcher, KPCO Pediatrician and Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) member, Dr. Matthew F. Daley about COVID-19 Vaccines

Kaiser Permanente Thrive interviewed Kaiser Permanente Colorado (KPCO) pediatrician and Institute for Health Research (IHR) vaccine researcher, Dr. Matthew F. Daley, MD, about COVID-19 vaccines. The Thrive interview published here (https://thrive.kaiserpermanente.org/thrive-together/covid-coronavirus/ask-a-doctor-covid-19-vaccines) and featured in the February 2021 KP Thrive newsletter, covers commonly asked questions about COVID-19 vaccines such as how they work, safety, and why it is important to get vaccinated. As a member of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), Dr. Daley works with medical and public health experts to give advice on vaccine use in the United States. His membership in the ACIP’s COVID-19 Vaccines Working Group and the COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Technical Sub-Group, makes Dr. Daley a local go-to resource on COVID-19 vaccines for KP co-workers, members, and the community.

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