Automated Communications Technology (ACT) Team

The ACT Team supports regional operations and research efforts in the automated communications technology field.

This includes:
  • SMS/text messaging
  • IVR voice calls (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Email messaging to members and Health Plan/CPMG employees and physicians

In addition to providing this support to the Colorado region, the ACT Team provides these services to program office and other regions within the Kaiser Permanente Enterprise.

Current capabilities include the following:

  • Maintain robust, full featured and cost-effective ACT services
  • Provide the following kinds of communication:
    • Primary Care and Specialty Care Appointment Reminders
    • Screening Reminders (mammogram, colorectal, lung and cervical cancer)
    • Health Gap Reminders
    • Referral Notifications/Reminders
    • Immunization Reminders
    • Surveys (MTHA, Quality of Life, and Health Risk Assessment)
    • Service Offering and Point of Contact Notifications to members
    • Pharmacy Refill Reminders for Specific Areas
    • Rapid Response Notifications (urgent COVID-19 messaging during 2020 pandemic)
    • Research Project Support
  • Ability to stay current with the latest technology and capabilities
  • Maintain real time Do Not Call lists
  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) compliant
  • Establish and maintain interfaces with HealthConnect, HealthTrac, and other KP systems
  • Text capability to all cellular carriers
  • Customized IVR voice recordings in both English and Spanish through our on-staff voice talent and audio technology
  • URL linkages via text messaging, two-way texting, real-time call transfer to live person via IVR calls
  • Effective partnerships with many operational areas within the region and enterprise

In 2019, ACT completed over 5M text messages and 1.8M IVR calls. 80% of their work was done in support of KP operations and 20% of their work was in support of research.