Sponsored Projects & Research Finance Teams


To provide the KPCO research community and our external partners with comprehensive expertise and resources to successfully conduct and manage research.


To collaborate with both internal and external research teams and administrative offices to provide leadership and expertise in research administration, regulatory and financial compliance, and contracting. Using our breadth of knowledge and experience, we support our partners with an engaged and responsive team to foster the research enterprise.

Sponsored Projects Administration strives to provide high-quality pre-award and post-award administrative support to all internally and externally sponsored projects. The team is comprised of staff that supports research throughout the entire award lifecycle. They are responsible for ensuring compliance with all internal and external policies and procedures, regulations, and sponsor guidelines and requirements.

Award Lifecycle

At the proposal stage, the Sponsored Projects Administrators (SPAs) collaborate with Principal Investigators and Project Managers to assist with budget development, proposal assembly, required system entry, and submissions to the funding agency. During post-award, the SPAs oversee contract review and negotiation, coordinate progress report preparation and submission, and assist with submission of prior approval requests such as budget revisions, carryforward, no-cost extensions, and key personnel changes. The team also facilitates the internal review process and obtains all required approvals and/or signatures for both pre-award and post-award documents.

The Research Finance Administrators (FAs) provide financial oversight for all sponsored projects at KPCO, as well as support for the IHR’s operating budgeting. This includes project invoicing, award close-out, processing of cost-transfers and other accounting related functions, oversight of clinical trials finance, liaison with general accounting, audit coordination, oversight of financial systems utilized by the IHR, and support for all other financial-related post-award activities.

The two teams work closely together to provide comprehensive sponsored projects administration support for the IHR.

Sponsored Projects & Research Finance Teams Leadership

Stephanie Goldcamp, BA

Stephanie Goldcamp, BA
Manager of Sponsored Projects Administration and Administrative Support Services

Kelly Knight, MS

Kelly Knight, MS
Research Finance Manager